Think Twice if your Girlfriend Does Any of These 25 Things.(Fiction)

Think Twice if your Girlfriend Does Any of These 25 Things.(Fiction)



Relationships are one of the most beautiful things we can have in our lives. And having a good partner is what every single one of us hopes and prays for.

It is very easy to be in a relationship with the wrong person and because I believe that a relationship should lead to marriage, it is very important for you as a man to take note of some certain behaviors in your girlfriend and really have a rethink before you commit fully into a relationship that might end up being the death of you.

So, without further ado, let’s get straight into the 25 things that should make you think twice about your girlfriend.

1. If she’s too beautiful. You have to think twice because people will always admire her.


2. If she’s not humble, you will be disgraced.

3. If she’s lazy, you will suffer.

4. If she’s obsessed with make-up, my brother, there’s fire on the mountain.

5. If she doesn’t respect elders. Your mother will be disrespected.

6. If she doesn’t seek your advice on serious matters. You are not important to her.

7. If she smokes. Remember that smokers are liable to die young.

8. If she parties a lot. Things will surely happen behind your back.


9. If she she’s not satisfied after 3 rounds. What happens when you travel, who go handle the business ?

10. If she gossips a lot. You will settle too many matters for court.

11. If she doesn’t forgive easily. What happens when you mess up ?

12. If she nags a lot. Peace of mind is priceless my brother.

13. If she doesn’t cook good food. What happens when you come home from a hectic day at work and you are served Indomie noodles.

15. If she doesn’t like couple’s rough play. My brother, body no be fire wood o.

16. If she doesn’t love kids. Your children will suffer

17. If she drinks alcohol.

18. If she likes men a lot. You will suffer.

19. If she’s a social media addict. A lot of bad advice is being spread there.

20. If she doesn’t like your siblings. What happens if you give up ghost ?

21. If she keeps bad company.

22. If she doesn’t go to church and loves to pray. Your village people will play game with your destiny.

23. If she doesn’t motivate you to work harder and achieve your goals.

24. If she’s always asking for money. A girlfriend should be a helper and not a liability.

25. If she dresses indecently. You are in trouble.


That’s it. 25 very serious reasons for you to think twice about your girlfriend. Don’t say i did not warn you o.


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