This is How The World May Look Like in 2050 and it’s Not What We Hoped For

This is How The World May Look Like in 2050 and it’s Not What We Hoped For


More oversight


Remote surveillance is getting cheaper and simpler every year, and governments and companies can’t stop watching us unless they have to. We can see similar kinds of public scrutiny and social monitoring in China, but this goes on far further and sadly we can’t do much to stop it.






First Libertarian (Anarcho-Capital) Government will be Born


The greatest obstacle to the development of a democratic society is a lack of free land. For a long time, all the land is split among governments and they don’t want to give it even if it’s purchased from them. Future technology, however, will allow individuals to construct cheaper artificial islands and other landmasses at terra nullius and thus give room to residential settlements. Another problem is the creation of a massive army to build a new country, and a lack of funds to support it. Then 1000 people (with enough funds) can use military robotics to have powerful AI devices and beat another nation ‘s army.

The world’s biggest currency will be Bitcoin




Many experts expect that after the next global economic downturn, Bitcoin will take over FIAT in one- to three years. The government fund should be called anything from communism in 10 to 20 years, and until 2050 that is funded by the government.




Alongside Bitcoin, some other cryptocurrencies with real benefits exist, but the overall use of the application of Bitcoin is less than 10%. It produces a super IA that goes beyond the knowledge of men. It’s time, as the machinery’s computing power doubles every two years and by 2050 (in 32 years) machines are 30,000 times quicker and smarter. Perhaps even more intelligent than human AI before 2050 and 2050 is the development of non-human super-intelligence.


Biological immortality will be achieved




This ultimately means that a healthy human life continues to infinity through advanced medical research. Of course, that doesn’t mean you are going to stop dying but this care is unlikely to be in the poorest region of the world and our bodies are not dangerous.



Extreme birth control is to be implemented


Overcrowding is a key problem and the only explanation for too big a birth. Birth levels have already fallen below those of naturally occurring children in most western countries (2 children per 2 adults). Yet that is already too high in developed nations and because of that region, the overcrowding problem that we face is massive. Governments either limit the families to one child or forcibly sterilize individuals in the future. Babies are not the future but the past.


Robots will take over our jobs


Within a few decades, robots will be able to do all of the physical work we do, starting with hair cutting and getting our food ready for restaurant use. Most workers are already being replaced by robots so improvement is not required. There’ll be two problems when the robots replace the workers.



1st:Many people (particularly the poorly educated) don’t work and can’t support themselves. This would lead to the birth of a huge number of impoverished people who, though at the same time bringing together many more wealthy groups or cultures, can not even meet the minimum standards of living. Governments in rich countries may provide a basic income for their people, but poor countries don’t have resources. If you’re smart and willing, then a company is the only way to make a living. That’s the leasing of self-driving or robot assistance to someone else since you have the money to buy it.





2nd: Some of the services and goods can cost a lot less. The vast share of the cost of the goods or services is labor costs because they are usually the most costly part. However, it will be much cheaper to manufacture future machinery, goods, and services. Take Auto Taxi, for example. To have taxi transportation, you will no longer have to pay the driver ‘s salary (usually half the cost) and companies will charge half the rates.


Robot interactions can replace most human interactions


In 2050, we will be progressing to our managers, secretaries, and sex robots. They look like so many people that we can satisfy our social needs by getting involved with them. Interacting with robots would be much simpler, too. We ‘re not going to get angry, angry, or exhausted (because their key purpose is to help us). We ‘re no longer going to have our own will. We are better mates because we no longer need to take into account their desires or expectations and rely on them. Human-to-person contact should be limited to a minimum as interacting with others is incredibly difficult.




Most human to human interactions will occur in Virtual Reality


Regardless of the growing incoherence in our everyday lives which will join the modern world. External truth is everything. It is a veritable truth. Not only are we spending increasingly free time on a virtual tour, meeting people and watching films in our avatars there. Our lives will look a lot like the videos of Surrogates, only we don’t all have secondary virtual bodies. Awareness of virtual reality will expand, as all sorts of things happen to you in real life or that you might be the victims of a crime.





Crossing borders and traveling inter-country will get more complicated.


Thanks to the rapid growth of illegal immigration and extremism, it will become more difficult to travel from country to country, as they all heavily restrict international entry. This would be particularly difficult for third world citizens to reach the western world. There may also be some island countries where it may be easier to regulate all travel, excluding the sea. An alternative world will exist and the government will need to take drastic measures to keep away the unwanted migrants.

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