This Special IGBO SOUP Is Prepared Without Cooking It On Fire

This Special IGBO SOUP Is Prepared Without Cooking It On Fire

Hello guys, welcome to a special edition of fast foods, and I am excited to teach you this amazing traditional Igbo soup.

It is called “OSE-ANI” in Igbo language. have you heard of it before now?


It basically refers an Igbo soup that is prepared in a mortar instead of a pot without cooking it on fire. 

Side humor: if you try to translate “OSE-ANI” without having a foreknowledge of how the soup is prepared, you will call it “ground (ANI) pepper(OSE)” and this is how we know a fake Igbo person, (laughs) that’s on a lighter note please.

This special and delicious soup is more like the easiest and fastest soups you will ever make because, unlike other Nigerian soups that requires a lot of “drama” to prepare them, this Igbo soup is straightforward, and you don’t need fire, or cooking pot to prepare it, all you need is a mortar, a pestle, and the following ingredients which I am going to show you shortly.



Just for the books: cooking means to prepare a food by mixing the ingredients and heating it with a direct source of heat (we won’t be doing this at all with this soup, we will only be mixing)

I know this looks or sounds incredible, trust me it’s very practical, and it has been around for a very long time.

It is one my family’s best soups, and my grandmother makes it for me and my husband each time we visit the village.

Many persons know about this special Igbo soup already, especially if you grew up in the village like myself.

So sit back and relax as I take you through the nooks and cranny of this special and delicious Igbo cuisine.

Like I said, you don’t need a pot, and you don’t need to cook the soup on fire. You prepare it in a mortar, and eat it on the go.

The ingredients you will need for this special soup are:

1. UDA














8. SALT. 


Like I said initially, this is like the easiest Nigeria soup you’ll ever make. 

Steps to prepare OSE-ANI soup:

1. Get a mortar and a pestle and wash it thoroughly

2. Wash your uziza, uda and pepper thoroughly as well

3. Add your uda, uziza, and pepper in this order into your mortar and pound till its smooth.



4. Add your crayfish and pound as well to mix well with the other ingredients in the mortar



5. Add your ogiri-isi and pound again till its smooth


6. Add half cube of your choice seasoning and pound as well 


7. Add your already boiled yam and pound till it blends with all the contents in the mortar. 



You should have something like this


8. Then pour a cup of boiled water into the mortar and stir very well, until everything in the mortar mix well. 


9. Add a little salt to taste and stir. 



10. Your delicious soup is ready.



This soup is better eaten in the mortar with any of favorite swallow, but for me, it’s best with pounded yam.


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