This Woman Was Sentenced To 723 Years In Prison, See What She Did


This Woman Was Sentenced To 723 Years In Prison, See What She Did


A prison is a place that’s meant for criminals, it’s very unfortunate to see that this woman would spend the rest of her life in prison. Today I’ll share with you the story of a lady who lives in Alabama and the crime she did that landed her in prison.

Lisa Marie Lesher is the wife of Michael Lesher, they lived in a town called Falkville with their daughters. One of which is her daughter and the other her stepdaughter. For some reason Lisa and her husband have been maltreating these two girls, they even s£xually abused them and these two girls suffered for years under the hands of Lisa and her husband.

Lisa Marie Lesher

A day came when a school resource officer discovered an injury in one of the child’s neck, the matter was traced and Lisa and her husband were brought to the law.

Michael Lesher

The young girls were too young to tell their story so the case was adjourned from 2007 to when the girls will be matured enough to speak and testify what they went through in the hands of their parents.

In 2019, Lisa’s husband was brought to justice and he was sentenced to 438 years in prison, early this week, Lisa has also been convicted and she was sentenced to 723 years in prison.

You may be wondering what’s the crime they committed and I’ll share them with you. Their crimes are as follows.

* r@pe

* s€xual abuse

* sodomy

*s€xual torture

The actions of Lisa and her husband were not tolerated by the law and justice caught up with them. Lisa is currently 41 years old and serving for that long period is more like spending the rest of their lives in jail. What do you think of this, let us know in the comment section below.




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