Three Things You Must Never Do When Using A Gas Cooker To Avoid Explosion

3 Things You Must Never Do When Using A Gas Cooker To Avoid Explosion


Liquified petroleum Gas (LPG) has become one the the most used fuel for cooking in the last decade.

It is a cleaner source of heat energy for cooking and it is relatively more convenient compared with fire wood and kerosene stoves. More so it is very fast. On an average it takes a gas cooker about seven (7) to eight (8) minutes to boil one kettle of water. This is about three (3) minutes faster than stove and firewood and because of this almost every home in Nigeria prefer using a gas cooker.

However, it is a fact that every innovation has its pros and cons.

In this article, we are going to highlight three major things you must never do when using it a gas cooker in your home in order to avoid an explosion.

Without further ado, let’s get started.

1. Don’t ever light your match stick before you turn on the gas cooker:

This is a very wrong way of putting your gas on. It is also very risky/dangerous.

The fuel in gas cookers is very inflammable. lighting your match stick before turning your gas on can lead to an explosion and domestic hazard.

It is best to first light your match stick before you turn on your gas. This is a very necessary precaution to avoid domestic gas explosion.



2. Don’t Ever Use Your Phone When Using A Gas Cooker.

Although is is not a new precautionary measure. many people already know about this precaution.



However, surprisingly, many Nigerians take it very lightly. They still use their phones close to gas cookers or cylinders. This is a wrong thing to do and it is very dangerous.

It is believed that our phones produce tiny sparks that have the potentials of igniting a gas and causing explosion.

If your up-to-date with news update online, you’d have seen lots of stories about how gas cylinders exploded because someone used a phone close to it.

You probably have never seen it happen. However you must not wait for it to happen before you take necessary precautions. Sometimes experience is never the best teacher.

More so, using your phone when cooking can be a major source of distraction which can also be a risky thing to do.

The truth is, you can make up for the time you stayed without using your phone but you can never make up for life lost.

3. Don’t ever eat a burnt food.

If you’re cooking with a gas cooker and the food gets burnt, please ensure you don’t eat it.

It’s long been known that just over-heating, let alone burning, some foods can lead to the formation of compounds linked to cancer. Not just cancer but also food poisoning.

What I am saying is that, eating food that is burnt especially on gas cookers ia very risky to your health.

Because during the process of burning alot of reactions occur between the food and the gas to form dangerous chemicals that can destroy your health.

Please, no matter how much you spent cooking that meal, if it burns throw it away without giving it a second Thought. Your health is worth more than a pot of soup.

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