Top 5 strangest trees all around the world

Top 5 strangest trees all around the world.

As we all know, trees are very important to us. They give us warmth, shelter, food, and help to keep our environment secure. There are so many varieties of trees all over the world, and they are different in size, have odd shapes, and have their own distinctive properties.

You must have seen several different trees and may have the same height, the color of the flowers they carry, or the color of the trees they bear. They provide us with shelter, food and help to protect our climate. You may be unaware of some rare, special and peculiar trees. So, without a wait, let us get to learn about 5 strangest trees that will leave you smitten.

1. Tree of Tule (found in Mexico)

It is a well-known Oaxacan trees in Mexico and is located at the center of the town of Santa Maria De Tule. The strangeest and most unusual thing about this tree is its trunk, the most weird in the world. Although the age of this tree is not well known, but it’s expected to be between 1200 and 3000 years old.

2. Dragon Tree (found in the Canary Islands)

The Dragon trees have a umbrella-like form and this is what makes them popular. That tree is a living emblem of the Canary Islands, and the early inhabitants of this island found this umbrella tree to be sacred and native to Madeira and Cape Verde. However, it is also present in some parts of Mexico.

3. Silk Cotton Trees (found in Cambodia)

Such silk-cotton trees have some amazing features in the Seam Ream province of Cambodia. The place where these trees are located is untouched and now called the Angokar Archeological Park, after hundreds of years. This tree’s trunks grow upward towards the sky and create a canopy and its countless roots stay coiled on the earth. This is one of the world’s most beautiful and strange trees.

4. El Arbol de la Sabina (found in Spain)

You must have seen that every tree grows upright, and some may be slightly bent. However, El Arbol se la Sabina is completely different and unusual. This tree is found growing in the direction of the wind, so it’s known to change its shape several times a year. It’s awesome! Wonderful as well as rare.

5. Basket Tree (found in the United States)

The horticulturalist Axel Erlandson was developing trees in odd shapes. Upon witnessing the natural bonding process known as inosculation, he started to form trees. He used a bending and greasing combination to lead trees to geometric shapes. Erland planted six sycamore trees in a single circle in order to create a basket tree and then all topped them at one foot, and then grew together to create diamond patterns. This tree is now a centerpiece of Gilory Gardens.

Each of these trees is as magnificent as it is bizarre. Also, they are so different that they leave us smitten and only make us admire Mother Nature’s work all the more. If you ever get a chance to visit these areas, get a glimpse of these trees and enjoy the magnificent work of nature.

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