Top NAVY Officer Brutalize Photographer & Destroyed His Camera In Abuja (PHOTOS

An accredited photographer at the Divine Common Wealth Conference organized by the Anglican Church was unjustly heavily brutalized by Naval officer (in picture frame below) and his orderlies yesterday, Tuesday, November 9.

Please see how this wicked NAVY man ordered the assault on the innocent photographer and also rendered him jobless by also destroying his camera lens worth over 600,000 Naira.

Please we are appealing to every good-hearted person to please ensure the Naval office and orderlies are punished and should never repeat such dastardly act to any other person. Also, he should buy a new camera lens for the photographer.

It’s very sad that the NAVY that’s meant to protect its citizens are the ones inflicting pain and hardship on us.

See the picture of the NAVY OFFICER below with his wife, the face of the brutalized photographer and destroyed camera lens.

Please share until justice is served. Thanks

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