Tragedy: See 5 People Who were Killed by their Own Pet Snakes

Tragedy: See 5 People Who were Killed by their Own Pet Snakes

It is surprising why some people choose dangerous creatures as pets. While majority choose dogs as their pets, others choose wild animals. Among these wild animals, some also choose dreaded and scary snakes as pets.

In this article, we have researched about five persons, who were snake lovers and eventually we’re killed by their own snakes.

1. Daniel Brandon

Daniel Brandon was a snake lover and an experienced snake handler. He loves showing off his snakes wrapped around his neck on his Instagram page. On September 2017, he was found dead in his room next to his large 25 foot python. It was believed that his python wrapped itself around him and crushed him to death.

2. Amanda Black

Amanda was the owner of Diablo the snake. On October 2008, Amanda Black tried to give her snake it’s medication but was found dead by her husband. She was believed to have been strangled by the snake because of the medication she tried to give it.

3. Patrick Von Allman

Patrick Von Allman was killed by his reticulated python on September 2006, when he tried to give it medications. He was said to owned upto 15 snakes as pets in his house.

4. Grant Williams

The 19 years old Grant Williams died when he went to feed his python with a life chicken. It was said that him and his brother took turns to feed the snakes. Experts say that it is not smart to feed a snake alone, because when a snake smells food, it can attack anyone and anything, so William was attacked because he was holding a live chicken.

5. Aril

Aril was an Indonesian man that had a dozen of exotic snakes. He was killed by his King Cobra. He was declared dead after he was taken to the hospital but didn’t respond to any emergency treatment. This incident happened on December 11, 2017.

So if you decide to take a dangerous animal as a pet, also be ready to face the consequences, should it boomerang or backfire on you.

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