Use These Three Methods To Recover Your Hacked Facebook Accounts

Use These Three Methods To Recover Your Hacked Facebook Accounts


Use These Three Methods To Recover Your Hacked Facebook Accounts




It is always heartbreaking to see that you can no longer login to your Facebook account simply because someone has hacked into it. The most painful part is that, the hacker is not using the account for anything good. Rather he/she will use it to scam your friends online. There are two common reasons why your account could be hacked;


1. Your password is not strong enough. Some love using their phone numbers as their password while it is obvious that the same number is on their profile. You can easily be hacked throuh that.


2. Clicking on links. It is not every link you see that you should click. Some are actually meant to get your login details. When you click on any link that asks you to login to Facebook and you input your Facebook user IDs, you are likely to be Hacked, avoid it.


Basically, I want to give you three methods you can use in recovering your account incase it has been hacked:


Method 1


If they have not changed your phone number, all you have to do is to attempt login in then click on “forgot password” after entering your phone number or email address (whichever one you use in login in). Facebook will require you to chose a password recovery method which includes:


(I) through SMS


(ii) Throuh Email


(III) Through phone call etc. Chose anyone convenient for you and follow the simple instructions that follows.


Method 2


In case the hacker have changed your phone number and email address:


It will become a little bit complex if the hacker have changed every information about you there. At this point in time, the best solution is the use of “Trusted contacts”. Trusted contacts are the contacts of your Trusted friends you selected when protecting your account. Once you protect your account with trusted contacts before it was hacked. You must get back your account even if the hacker changed everything apart from your friends. All you simply need to do is to go to account recovery page and select your recovery method as “trusted contacts”. Facebook will ask you to input the full names of one of your Trusted contacts correctly. Once that is done, facebook will display the rest of them for you then, you can generate codes from there. After that, contact those of your Trusted contacts to login to their Facebook and check their notification bar, they will see the recovery code there. Get the codes from all your Trusted contacts and enter that at the account recovery page and your account will be Recovered immediately. Incase you don’t know how to protect your account using trusted contacts, I have written an article on that before so check my profile.


Method 3


Incase method 1 and 2 didn’t work for you maybe because you didn’t set up trusted contacts before your account was hacked, then this method is for you. It is called identity verification method. This is how it works, the moment you notice that you can no longer recover your account, simply send facebook a message by filling their Recovery form online. In the message, include your means if Identification such as National Id card/Driver’s licence/International Passport etc. The message should also contain your Facebook details like name, phone number, email etc. Don’t bother whether they have changed those things or not. Facebook will take care of it after investigations. Within one week, they should be able to get back to you with your account recovery information. That’s it. Due to Opera rules, I won’t be able to post the link here so if you need the Recovery form link, let me know in the comment section.


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