We have been using these items for the wrong purpose, see their real uses below

We have been using these items for the wrong purpose, see their real uses below


Below are list of things we use everyday, but i can assure you, that you have no idea why these things are there, and what they are used for. 

See below

1. Why button are left sided in female shirts



In the good old days buttons represents a high financial status, it doesn’t make sense that buttons are fixed at the left hand for women knowing that majority of people are right handed.

But if your buttons are left handed , it means you own a maid who dresses you up, this way the buttons appear in the right hand to her.

2. The white plastic liner in beer bottle



The white plastic liner inside our beverage bottle cap is not intended for giving out free prizes and reward codes .

They serve as insulators to trap carbon dioxide to keep the drink fizzy, they are the reason you hear that sound when you open your beer. Without this the gas would escape and you will be left with a syrup.

3. Why there are holes in pots handles



The hole found in the handles of pots and pan, is used for holding up your cooking spoon.

4.Why toothbrush are painted blue



The blue colours on your tooth, is not a marketing strategy to beautify the tooth brush. It there for a reason. It fades at exactly when you tooth brush are due for a change

When the blue colours begin to fade, it serves as a reminder that your tooth brush has worn out and need a change.

5. The main reason, books have margin



We were thought to always rule our margin before writing, but do you really know the essence of margin.

When people wrote wothout margins, Sometimes there might be a very important piece of information just at the edges of the book. And we all know how rats mostly eats the edges of books. Manufacturers then started leaving spaces at the edges.

So when rats eats out the edges our written informaction would still be safe and sound

6. The hole in you spaghetti spoon



You might be thinking the hole is to seive out sauce or water from your spaghetti ..but know it serves as some kind of measurement .

7. The reason behind the holes in pen covers



Have you ever wondered why the hole found in pen cover are there, well the manufacturers were concerned about children accidentally having it stock in the throat, so they made the hole so they could still allow air pass through the lungs.

8. What the small black dot at the back of your phone represents



The little black dot close to the back camera of your phones, are not camera flashes, they are a third microphone that Help in calls exlecially in a crowded environment .

9.What the small tab on your can drinks really used for



I know we all think the the small tab on top of a can drink is meant to aid easy opening, to an extent you are correct.

But the motive behind that small tab is to serve as a place holder for straw.

After opening, spin the tab around and put your straw.

10. Why keyboards are randomly placed



Fast typers usually caused the type writer to heat up easily , in a bid to reduce the rate at which keyboard operators typed, in the past, the alphabets were randomly placed and since then it has been like that .

11. Small fabric in the pockets on new clothes



I know you think they are kept incase there is a fallen button or a small patch…

The use of this is to test the fabric with whatever you are using to wash it, to avoid damaging the original fabric .

12. Car head rest



Although it’s adjustable to help comfortably rest the head. It can also serve as an emergency technique.

When you are locked in your car with Windows shut. You can remove them and use the iron bars to break the Windows. That’s why it’s removable.

13.Tiny holes beneath you padlock



We all notice the tiny holes in padlock, but we ignore it. And for this reason when your padlock becomes rusty, you change them.

The holes are there for passage of oil when the padlock is rusty . So don’t throw your old padlocks away. Oil it

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