We Met On Facebook, I Told Him I Was A Divorcee With A Daughter, But He Said He Would Marry Me- Lady

We Met On Facebook, I Told Him I Was A Divorcee With A Daughter, But He Said He Would Marry Me- Lady

The closing of a door is not a straightforward way to keep others from opening and the fact that things do not seem to work out now doesn’t mean that things will never work. Many have have horrendous encounters in marriage and most of the time each of these partners think about calling it a halt. For others, they have suffered and violated marriage for years and can’t stand it anymore.



A lady on Facebook took the task of showing her husband, while she was a divorcee with a daughter. According to the lady whose name is Sophia Eleoba, her new husband said they were not friends on Facebook, he saw her profile and he wanted to shot her shot, because he was looking for someone on Facebook. This Lady told the guy that he was married once and even had a boy with her ex husband, but he did not give up as he maintained he would always marry her, irrespective of what happened before they met.



She announced that in March 2013, she married and was blessed with two beautiful daughters. For these lovely couples there were eight solid years and the truth is, their love will evolve from grace to grace. It’s unusual to see men marrying a divorced woman with a boy, but this man has proven to be wrong with a lot of people, when he proved that love knows no limits.



She wished for those of us who are waiting for a soul mate to see it this year, when she is a living witness to a lady who has again found love. In reality it is a beautiful love story, and I truly pray for them to continue their love to blaze in Jesus’ name for ever and ever.

The man and his stunning daughters photographs below.



Nigerians thanked her and wished her good health for several more years, and hoped that her marriage would be forever.



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