What This Bulldog do to the woman when she is asleep, here is the full gist

What This Bulldog do to the woman when she is asleep, here is the full gist


Wow, some people really do know how to take risks in life. Some individuals are very much afraid to go near the usual domestic animals like cats and dogs, talk more of raising a bulldog and allowing it to take care of a little baby. That’s insane! 



Well, its sure happening in the United state of America right now as a young lady who owns the world’s biggest bulldog goes to work and lives her baby in the ultimate care of this gigantic dog. The name of the dog is hulk and he weighs over 173 pounds, the largest in the world.



A regular sized bulldog can tear humans into pieces at one go talk more of one who is almost 2 times its normal size.



Bulldogs are prohibited in numerous european nations, however they are especially famous in Russia and the United States. This bulldog, which gauges more than 173 pounds and is known as the biggest bulldog, experienced childhood in a family in the United States.



It is even taller than a normal grown-up including its owner, a young lady in her early 30’s. Who regularly leaves her 2 year old son in his care whenever she’s away to work. It is said that the bulldog has been his nanny since the time she gave birth to him.

Her son even loves riding the bulldog.



Presently the bulldog has Eight kids to take care of.



With such a tremendous body, Hulk is a major eater. So as to cause it to grow up soundly, the owner gives him more than 2kg of meat to eat each day.



My dear readers, what do you think about this dog. Can you take care of it?

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