When Your Girl is Not Talking to You, Do These 9 Things

When Your Girl is Not Talking to You, Do These 9 Things


There are some rules you will have to follow as a man if you be successful in this dating game. There are some old ideologies that you will need to drop so that you won’t end up being used and dumped every time you attempt to go into a relationship. Girls have always seemed to be the master of this dating game, they have the basic understanding of how to wield the right cards, to make things go in their favour, it’s almost like they have the master playbook that contains all the secret principles of the game, their experience is astounding. 

So for you to be able to checkmate the girls, you have to be on top of your game, don’t allow any girl to use emotional blackmail or reverse psychology for you, be the man of the game. One of the things that girls love to do is to suddenly cut communication with you, they love to ghost conversations, just to put pressure on you and make you chase them. You need to know how to handle a situation like this.

In this article, I will be showing you nine things you should do, when your girl is not talking to you.

1. Don’t stalk her

The biggest mistake you can ever make when your girl is not talking to you is to stalk her, you will only continue to push her away. When she’s not talking to you, what she’s asking for is space, she doesn’t want to have you around her at all, for the meantime, and you have to be responsible enough to understand boundaries. If she doesn’t want you around her, then so be it, don’t stalk her.

2. Don’t like or comment on her posts on social media

This is another important thing you have to take note of, don’t react to any of her post on social media, act like you’re not interested in anything she’s posting, as long as she’s not talking to you. Make it seem like you’re also ghosting her.

3. Start going out with your friends

You need to make her see that she’s not the only person in your life and that you can still have fun even without her, and that explains why you need to start going out with your friends a lot, go to parties clubs etc.

4. Start relating with other girls

This is also very important, to draw her back, you need to first start by giving the attention you used to give her, to other girls. You need to make her jealous, it’s very important. Girls easily get jealous when they see that the man they don’t want, is actually loved and wanted by a lot of other girls, that’s what would make her appreciate you.

5. Take a lot of pictures

Seeing is believing, you don’t just want to be doing all of these things without her seeing them, that explains why you need to also start taking a lot of pictures of yourself having fun with other people, and start posting them on your social media pages.

6. Move closer to her friends

This is another thing you need to do when your girl is not talking to you, you need to invade her circle, find a way to draw the people that she cares about, to yourself, paint yourself as the victim so that those people would want to be more with you than with her.

7. Review your relationship

It’s important that you also take the time to review the relationship you had with her, and identify what went wrong that made her decide not to talk to you. Although she was supposed to communicate with you directly if at all you did something wrong, since she didn’t do that, you have to take it upon yourself to review the relationship.

8. Focus on developing yourself

After you have reviewed the relationship and identified what went wrong, you have to do your part by making amends and improving, you don’t want to be the same man that she used to know.

9 Pay her a visit

She is your girl and you still want her back, that exactly is the message you will take to her place, go and express yourself concerning how much you love and want her back and how you’ve done your part to become a better man so that you won’t repeat the same mistake you made.

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