You Are Gradually Killing Yourself If You Are A Man And You Still Do Any Of These Things

You Are Gradually Killing Yourself If You Are A Man And You Still Do Any Of These Things


There are things that can reduce you to nothing, especially those negative things you are addicted to. If you want to be a successful man who desire to live a healthy lifestyle, there are things you ought not to do and things you should limit.


There are things we take little as a man but are capable of killing us slowly when neglected. Some of these things can harm our health and well-being if we don’t control them.


Here are some of the things you do as a man that kills you gradually:

#1. Smoking Weed/Cigarettes.

Taking tobacco and cigarettes can make your life short. Smoking reduces your life span and increases your chances of developing serious health problems that are mostly life threatening. Too much smoking can cause harm to your vital organs like the lungs, heart, kidney, liver, brain, etc, causing you mental disorder and other brain damage. You should discontinue this act because it kills slowly.


#2. Living a fake lifestyle.


You should life according to what you and what you can give. Living a fake life will only make people see you as nobody. Because the only person you will deceive at the end is just you. So, work hard and live the best you can live.


#3. Taking a lot of sugar into the frame.

As a man, you should avoid too much intake of sugar because it affect your reproductive organ and increase your chances of being overweight and increase the risk of developing diabetes, liver, kidney and heart problem. In other to maintain good health, you should avoid too much of alcohol.


#4. Taking excessive Alcohol.

Excess of alcohol is not good for the body as it changes the body system and increase your chances of developing serious health problems. Alcohol makes you lose control and can cause you serious brain damage.

#5. Gambling rather than investing.

Many guys have choose to gamble rather than investing. This is a negative lifestyle that has affected many men in a negative way. Gambling can make you poor for life, especially if you are addicted to it. Gambling prevents you from taking good care of yourself and your family. Many men have died in poverty out of gambling.


#6. Being with various girls at the equal time


As a man you should know that there things we do for pleasure that are wrong. Having to many sexual partner can be very dangerous. It keeps you away from being focus and it increases your chances of developing life threatening illness that may cut your life short. If you want to live long you should avoid to many female partners and don’t have any form of intimacy with someone you are not sure of her health status. Doing this will gradually destroy you.

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