You are risking your life: things you must not do in the kitchen

You are risking your life: things you must not do in the kitchen



We tend to ignore the fact that the kitchen hold the most harmful substances most in the house. By neglect, we do things we are not supposed to unknowingly. Here are some of the things we mustn’t do in the kitchen

Never try to catch a falling knife:

you are not Spiderman! If a knife accidentally falls in the kitchen, let it fall to a stop on the floor before picking it up. Don’t try to catch it

Don’t confuse baking powder with baking soda:

Even though they are both leaving agent, confusing the duo could really mess up what you are preparing. Make sure to brand both for easy identification

Never forget to wash you hands after cutting pepper:

Imagine rubbing your eyes with your hand after slicing pepper, horrible right. To avoid it, just wash your hands after touching pepper

Never bring a phone to the kitchen:

As obvious as this warning seems, it is the most neglected. Making a phone call close to a cooking gas may result in explosion

Never mix hot water with hot oil:

Mixing both will bring about a very ugly reaction. The oil will react harshly and you will end up getting serious burns

If a fire starts inside your oven, don’t open it:

Opening an oven when a fire starts inside is a very terrible idea. The fire will feed on the oxygen and spread rapidly

Learn how to use a fire extinguisher:

It’s compulsory to have a fire extinguisher in your kitchen. It’s not hard to use but it’s still best if you learned it.

Never set a hot glass on a wet or cold surface

The science behind this warning is that hot glass tend to expand when set on cold/wet surfaces and may cause combust harshly, sending pieces of glass everywhere, you might get hurt badly in the scene. Better still, set hot glass on wooden surfaces.

Never bring a kid to the kitchen:

Children are natural very curious. They may end up touching things they are not supposed to and getting hurt in the process.

Hope you learned something today.

Stay safe

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