You Want To Be Rich Before December? 8 Risks You Must Take

8 Risks You Must Take If You Want to Be Rich And Successful


Being wealthy is a skill that can be learned. There are numerous rags to riches stories; People that were born into poverty becoming wealthy and influencial.




Here are the risks that many self made millionaires and billionaires took to become wealthy:


1. Stepping into unfamiliar zones:Undoubtedly taking the steps into uncertainty is very scaring. However, it is paramount for the accumulation of wealth. You may set goals and create schedules but if you are not willing to stretch yourself you will not be able to achieve such goals. The biggest obstacles between you and your goals is your comfort zone. Leaving the familiar ground into the unfamiliar involves a significant amount of courage. If you want to be rich you must continue to challenge and improve yourself. For it’s only outside your comfort zone you can find wealth. As you grow, your comfort zone expands, so you need to step out into unknown ground for you to become prosperous.


2. Being called a failure: Do you know that Thomas Edison one of the world most renowned scientists and inventor of the light bulb failed more that 1000 times before he was finally able to create the light bulb? Do you know that Microsoft founder, Bill Gates dropped out of school and also also failed in a business? One of the reasons why many people never get rich is that they have big dreams but often too scared to take risks because of fear of failing. When people look at a rich person, the only thing they see is the glamour. Nevertheless, behind the glamour are the many mistakes and failures. Self made billionaire, Richard Branson said, “successful entrepreneurs don’t fear failure; instead, they learn from their mistakes. The successful entrepreneurs you see here today didn’t suddenly get rich; they too experienced rejections. If you genuinely desire to be wealthy, you risk being called a failure.




3. Standing alone: A 2016 article on reported that although many people will not give up chasing their financial wealth, those who have achieved their dreams said that it cannot be isolating and often look rosier only on the outside. Yes, getting rich is a desire for all but one more risk attached to it is the trap of being in a lonely path. In your quest for wealth, you may have to face hatred and be despise from jealous friends and family members. Also, there is a point you have to perform the extraordinary task by moving away from the crowd. It is quite easy just to follow the group and do what everyone else does but what everyone else does isn’t what leads to be wealthy, hence, you must follow the less crowded path.


4. Getting used to be uncomfortable:To create the kind of beautiful life that you desire, you have to do things that you have never done before. A lot of people tend to get too comfortable in their early years. Whereas it ought to be a time to familiarise with discomfort. Indeed, no one likes to be uncomfortable but is an integral part of being wealthy. Research shows that putting yourself in new unfamiliar situations triggers a unique piece of the brain that releases dopamine, nature’s “make you happy” chemical. This unique region of the brain is only activated when you see or experience an entirely new things. Getting comfortable with discomfort gives you a speed advantage.




5. Letting go of relationships: This has to be one of the most vital risks for riches. A famous sign says, “If you are among 6 rich individuals, you will soon be the 7th one, likewise, if you are in the midst of 6 poor people, you are certainly the 7th one.” It doesn’t matter how long the relationship has lasted, if the person’s impact is not seen in your life then you need to walk away. To be productive, you have to move along with wealthy minded individuals not the pessimistic ones that will do everything within their power to discourage you. Another set of people who you need to let go off are those who are so comfortable giving you fish but never want to show you how to fish. Relationship with such people is toxic because they will make you lazy and overly dependent. For you to begin to amass wealth, you must take the risk of killing the attachment you have with certain people.


6. Starting over: Imagine running to the top of a building and then discovering that the building you are on is the wrong one. You are not supposed to be there, would you go to the bottom and start all over again? On the surface, deciding to begin again is easy but in reality considering the resources, time and energy you used to climb, you might just give up. The reason why some people are not yet wealthy is either they are on the wrong building or on the foot of the right structure but are too scared to start all over again. Starting again comes with its fear and thoughts such as; do I have what it takes to climb again? What if I climb and discover that I’m on the wrong building again? These fears are legit but there is a need to understand it’s okay to make mistakes; everyone does and the fear of making another one should not stop you from starting all over. If you must be rich you must take the risk of retracing your steps and starting from scratch again.





7. Approaching and asking: Since many individuals are scared of rejections, they find it difficult to ask for the help that is required to boost their financial life. Denial is a feeling that every rich person has to deal with, undoubtedly it hunts to be rejected. However it is more heart breaking to allow the fear of rejection to stop you from attempting to ask for what will make you more productive. A famous quote from Mark Twain says, ” Twenty years from now, you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did.” Sail away from the safe haven. If you don’t attempt you will never know. Although the steps between some people and their breakthrough could just be in the asking, many individuals will instead remain poor than risk getting rejected. If you want to be rich you must dare to ask.


8. Burning bridges: This is by far the most dangerous risk to take If you want to be affluent. In his book, “Think and Grow Rich” Napoleon Hill shared the story of Edward C. Barnes who his ultimate desire was to work with Thomas Edison. It was said that Edward vowed to himself with this words, ” here is but one thing in this world that I’m determined to have and that is a business association with Thomas Edison, I will burn all the bridges behind me and stake my entire future on my ability to get what I want.” This situation is like saying putting all your eggs in one basket which of course is an insane thing to do. However, the reason why Napoleon Hill advised to burn all bridges or block out all exits is so that you can fix your mind in that wish you desire and pursue it with every ounce of strength within you so you will make your dream an obsession that you cannot back out of. Ultimately if you want to be rich then you should know that “Great men are not extraordinary men but they are ordinary men with extraordinary determination.” For sure, there are times when you will lack the courage to continue but always remember, “you are stronger than you know.”



What’s keeping you behind? You must be ready to take those risks needed to move yourself forward.


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